Monday, June 9, 2008

Saedi's Laughing & Ellie's Experimenting

Yesterday I had Saedi in the tub...singing songs to her and tickling her boobies and SHE LAUGHED a true laugh. The extra touching aspect of the moment were the words to the song I was singing when she laughed: "Come Holy Spirit, Fall in This Place...I Need More and More of You...Fill Me Again With the Power of Your Spirit..." It was a pretty spectacular moment for me. I know all babies eventually laugh, but there's something about a child's laugh that warms a momma's heart. Beautiful. Tonight I got 3 more out of her as well. I'll try to video her tomorrow for you all to see.

I'll let my first "guest" blogger, Riley, catch you up on Ellie's latest antics:

As for Ellie, we come back once again to the Poop Diaries. I think she could possibly have a seperate blog spot of her own. Maybe she could get sponsored by the book Everyone Poops (I swear this is a real book). But anyway, I digress. So today Michelle and I were in the kitchen when Ellie announced that she needed to poop "by myself." About 5 minutes later, the house was filled with a silence that almost certainly means some sort of mischief is at hand. I went to check on Ellie and found her hovering over the toilet, her shirt soaked up to her elbows, and traces of her latest creation smeared on her hands. Using my superior powers of deduction, I quickly assessed the situation and asked Ellie if she had touched the object in question. In true toddler fashion, Ellie quickly answered "Daddy, I'm washing my hands" which, I guess, was partly true at that point. Well, I suppose the silver lining in this one is that the poop actually started in the toilet instead of some other publicly humiliating place (i.e. McDonald's Playland). Stay tuned for future entries in the Poop Diaries that are sure to come...

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