Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It happened at McDonald's Playland...Again!

So, I had a busy day running errands with the girls. 5 0'clock was here before I knew it and Riley was working late. I decided to treat Ellie to McDonald's and hopefully wear her out at the play land in the process.

When Ellie plays she's intense. Therefore, Ellie and I have this "system" where when she gets really quiet and I can't see her I say, "Ellie, where are you?" and she replies, "I'm here," and she shows herself. Well, it had been a quiet moment for while, and she wasn't showing herself as promptly as normal. Next thing I know she says, "I'm here," and is sliding down the slide with shorts full of poo. Let me clarify...not full of poo, but exploding, volcanoing (if this isn't a real word it should be) over with poo. It was the kind of soft poo that happens so quickly and out of control that a person doesn't know it's coming (at least this is my hope as the mom who thought her daughter was potty trained).

Thankfully, there was only one other girl playing, and she was old enough (9) to know not to go down the slide but to evacuate as quickly as possible. Her mom was kind of enough to inform the McDonald's workers of the situation so that I didn't have to show my face (or my naked child at this point) inside. That said, I set Saedi down on the yucky, outdoor concrete, stripped Ellie, threw her clothes directly in the trash can (so sad about those adorable pink striped shorts that were sacrificed!), and used have my pack of wipes to clean her up.

She rode home naked and I'm still asking myself how this could have happened to us again!!! (First incident was a month ago during a road trip)

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KToth said...

Oh man. Sorry about the mess. But don't despair. Ellie is potty-trained, she just had an accident (or two). Caleb hadn't pooped in his pants for almost a year when he did it. We were at a new aquaintance's house, so you are not alone. It happens, they're accidents. They just hate the thought of stopping the fun playtime and then it hits them. Hopefully we'll laugh about it in a few years.