Wednesday, April 27, 2011

8 Kids

Meadow, Saedi, Brooke, Ellie & Emmy
Riley and I went on a date last weekend to Kohana, Target & Books a Million (exciting, I know) while our friends Jen & Trey watched our 3 kiddos. (We returned the favor the following night so they could go out.) We kept the 3 Moon kids at the same time- totaling 8 kids. We had a blast hosting on a cheat night. We stuffed their little faces with corn dogs, pizza, & roasted marshmallows. Riley & Trey were the masterminds behind it all so they could take their lovely wives out for an evening without kids, and I'm so impressed with men that would rather play with the kids instead of pay a babysitter. Kudos to them! Riley pretty much kept watch over the 5 oldest while I took care of the babies. On a funny note, I asked Ry if he would prefer playing with 8 kids as his full-time job or if he would prefer his current job. You guessed right, he's gonna stay in the Army. :)
Brody (4m), Jeremiah (6m), & Isaac (8m)
Saedi & Meadow bumming around
Ellie (5) , Emmy (3), Brooke(4)
Ellie, Emmy, Brooke, Saedi, Meadow, Jack, Brody, Jeremiah (Isaac was on my back)

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Jen said...

This is great! I just read this. Trey and I were laughing at the pictures of all of the kids. Thanks again! :)