Friday, April 15, 2011

Lots o' Guests

We've been hosting a lot of guests lately. This birds nest full of sweet little eggs were the first to arrive. I love Spring, love our yard, love our deck, and I love entertaining. We put off grilling as long as possible hoping the eggs would have time to hatch, but that was not the case. We moved the nest onto a box on the deck, knowing that more than likely the Mommy would not come back. Needless to say, we think Jack got the eggs.

Our next set of friends to come over were the Q-Course Crew. Once we realized the Peters were set to move immediately we threw together a party within 24 hours. These guys graduated from the course together at Ft Bragg 4 years ago, and while we couldn't stay with all of our friends from that era we were blessed enough to get stationed with these friends here at Ft Campbell. Definitely going to be bitter-sweet when we all go our separate ways in just a few weeks:
Trey: staying at Ft Campbell; Chuck: Dubai; Riley: West Point, NY, Dave: Monterey, CA
Of course, it would only be expected that Mr. Trey would be the 1st to let Isaac suck on the beer bottle

Enjoying perfect Spring weather on the deck
Tindolls, Peters, Kenneys, Posts

And The Toths came over for a last-minute get-together, which really are my favorite kind. Less planning equals less stress! They came over to borrow our Camry for a few weeks and we ended up feasting on pizza, roasting marshmallows over the campfire, and chatting til almost 10 o'clock, which is pretty much unheard of given our crew of 7 kiddos. The Toth's take off for Monterey, CA soon, so it was nice to have them to ourselves one last time!
Gideon, Kristen, Isaac, Evelyn, Kevin, Joshua, Saedi, Ellie, Caleb, Riley
Best Friends, Ellie & Caleb. Ellie's already asking how far away New York & California are from each other.
Kevin with his 3 boys

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