Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The RunAway

We were invited to a fun costume party this past weekend. Tara (pictured above with little Claire) wanted to throw her husband Joe a welcome home party, but she was creative enough to celebrate all of the missed holidays. Decorations were a mix of Christmas trees, fourth of July stars, & valentine plates. Everyone dressed in their Halloween costumes, and we all brought a Thanksgiving dish. We toasted to champagne for missed anniversaries & dessert was birthday cake. I've probably missed a holiday or two in there, but it was a great time!
Riley & Joe shooting off 4th of July tanks for the kids. Notice Riley's costume? ha ha. We thought it best to duck tape over David's man-parts.
Saedi enjoying Emmy's piggy costume for one-last party! I love the wear her little piggy buns stick out!
The kids cheering for more fireworks!
Mr. Trey changing the princesses slipper.
And that concludes our fun, holiday party. However, when we arrived home at approx 7:00 that evening we noticed that Jack was missing. Unbeknownest to us the underground fence was off and he was gone. Riley scoured the woods. I got the kids in jammies and then loaded them in the van and stuck in a movie. I roamed the neighborhood stopping at random houses that I knew had dogs asking if they had seen "this dog." Riley didn't find Jack in the woods so he ran through the neighborhood on foot calling him. Friends offered to come help but there wasn't much else to do but to hang signs. Finally, one of the last houses I knocked on had seen Jack. She said a man and little girl came by around 6 with him on a leash asking if he belonged to her. She pointed us to the house they returned to, but no one was home. So, we hung signs and went to bed. In the morning as were heading out the door for church we got a call they someone had Jack. Riley went to pick him up, and the stories began!...

"Oh what a good dog he is! We didn't have any dog food so we went out and bought some for him. Then he slept at the foot of our bed like a good dog. At 4 I woke up to him staring me in the face cause he needed to be let out. What a great dog."

"We didn't know his name and our granddaughter thought he was the color of a donut so she named him "donut."

Those neighbors had taken such good care of Jack-er. Riley didn't have the heart to tell them that we don't even let him sleep at the foot of our bed! He returned to us fat and happy like he was king of the world. That rascal! Needless to say, the girls are thrilled to have their dog back. And his new name is Jack Donut Post.


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Aaron and Lacey said...

Oh, that's funny! I'm reminded yet again that I don't have the patience for a dog at this stage in life :-)