Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend at Phila's

Daddy's with all the kiddos exploring the creek
Isaac (almost 8 mo & Jeremiah 61/2 mo)
Jesse with Brooke (4y), Ellie (5y), Saedi (3y) & Meadow (3y)

Saedi, Brooke, Meadow & Ellie on their be-loved bridge
For the past year or two my friend Meghan has been telling me about an amazing Bed and Breakfast getaway run by Phila Hach. (Just google Phila Hach and you can read about her impressive credentials) A few weeks ago Natalie and I went to check it out on a random trip to Nashville. We were beyond impressed with Phila and her place, so we booked a two-night stay to give our families one last vacation together before Jesse deploys and before we move.

Meadow proud of her catch
I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing family vacation. It was 80's and sunny the entire time. The kids entertained themselves by picking flowers, catching minnows in the creek, and exploring the 3-story farmhouse. We went on walks, had a campfire, slept with the windows open, drank coffee on the balcony, and simply enjoyed being together. Even Jack came along and was in heaven. With Riley just getting home we wanted family time but we knew this was the only time for he and Jesse to spend time last time. And we've always had a blast vacationing with the Moons. It really worked out great. Natalie even brought her kettlebell so we could do a workout together.
Ellie & Meadow, the fireballs. Saedi & Brookey, the tender-hearts.
Isaac (almost 8mo) and Mommy (30y)
Michelle (30y), Isaac (8mo), Riley (31), Saedi (3), Ellie (5), Jack (1)
Brooke (4), Natalie, Jeremiah (6.4mo), Jesse, Meadow (3)
Natalie & Jeremiah
View of old tobacco barn from our cabin. Phila uses this to host parties, etc.

Riley & Jack
Isaac & Jeremiah, 6 weeks apart
Saedi & Meadow, 4 weeks apart
Brooke & Ellie, 9 months apart
Daddy & Isaac
Mr. Jesse exploring water creatures with the girls
Riley with the kiddos & grilling dinner...very impressive!
Natalie discovered these quilt coats and we couldn't resist modeling them
Best Friends


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Meghan said...

Ohhhhh, yeah. I am so happy that you guys had such a fun time - and HOW in the WORLD have I missed those quilt coats every time I have been there??