Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tea Parties, Annie Oakley, & Fishing

Within the first few hours of Daddy being home, the girls wanted to host a tea party for him.
Presents from Daddy! Ellie received a pink Red Ryder BB Gun & Saedi got her very own tackle box with fake worms to organize!
Shooting Glasses
The set-up. Ellie got a balloon on first shot!

Good old trampoline how we love you! Daddy let Jack on it too.
Mommy got an ingrown toenail cut out yesterday and is gimped up on the couch so Daddy took the girls for the afternoon. Saedi finally got to use her fishing pole, which was a birthday present from Mimi & Papa (back in January)
El & her fishy


Carlie said...

There's something I really love about that last photo...

the indians and pirates said...

Oh man. Now I can never let Eli look at your blog again. First he was all interested in Ellie's Easy Bake Oven - but a BB Gun? He's going to try to convince you that you need an older son!