Thursday, August 18, 2011

Isaac is 1

The girls' neighborhood friends, Bethany & Blanca.

"Isaac" means laughter and it's a fitting name for this boy! Looking back, I was definitely in a funk after I miscarried, but 6 weeks later we found out we were pregnant & God used Isaac to get me out of that sad time. Isaac was my easiest & quickest labor & already at one his sense of humor is evident. Just the other day I was nursing him and he was passing gas on me, so I laughed and said, "toot toots!" He looked up and started laughing and saying, "toot toot" every 15 seconds while laughing. He loves to cuddle and likes all types of music. He's very verbal and mimics words, sounds, tones, etc. Although he's taken a couple of steps his 23# is not walking as he still prefers to crawl everywhere. Jack is his buddy & Isaac feeds him every chance he gets. Isaac loves to eat...everything except eggs! He's joyful and still sucks his "gang" fingers.

We spent Isaac's birthday spoiling him with a giant balloon, lollipop for breakfast, feeding fish at the hospital pond, & playtime at a small playground with Paddy Morrow. We ate cupcakes & ice cream sandwiches & had a casual get-together with friends at Lake Popoloken, where he swam, played in sand, and Riley gave the kids boat rides in fast Eddy (of course, I forgot to take my camera).

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