Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nat & Kids

Isaac thieving Jeremiah's food
Dance Party Fun
Saedi, Meadow, Brooke & Ellie
6 Bugs in a Tub with Isaac begging for freedom!

Natalie came to visit with the kids a few weekends ago and it was DELIGHTFUL to see them again! As soon as Brooke & Meadow stepped out of the car they were bombarded by screams and hugs from Ellie and Saedi. It was so sweet to see that time did nothing to hinder their friendship. Nat and I headed to NYC Saturday and Riley was a trooper and watched all 6 kids! All the below snapshots are of his cheat night with the kids. Nat and I had a blast in the city. Unfortunately, I'm not able to get those pics off of our other camera yet. But, we took the train from Garrison into Grand Central. Kyle met us there and we walked with him around Times Square a bit. He hailed us a cab (we were laughing hysterically at his expertise doing this) and sent us to the High Line. We sampled some fine food- kimchi tacos, chinese dumpkings, natural lemonade/teas and then walked the High Rise to Union Square where sampled cupcakes and did a little shopping. We took a late train home and got in around 1am...pooped but happy. It was fantastic to have a girls night with Nat, and I need more visitors so I can have a excuse to do that again!!!


Aaron and Lacey said...

Love the paint color! Did you find a bench/coffee table you were hoping for?

Natalie said...

LOL makes me laugh still when Kyle got that cab, like we've never seen it done before and we were so shocked, country bumpkins!!! Isacc looks like a miniature Riley!