Friday, August 26, 2011

Items For Orphanages

Still no embassy date yet, and we plan on writing to our Senator this weekend as we feel our case is at a standstill. Our agency is supportive of this as well. In the meantime, please continue praying for Sol, that God would keep him healthy & safe. He's legally ours, and it's a very weird feeling to know that we have a child that we're not able to protect, watch over, or bring home. Several people are asking how they can help. Pray!!! We're trusting in God's timing and in the meantime, collecting items to give to the orphanages when we finally go to pick up Sol.
If any of you would like to donate, we're planning on taking suitcases full of diapers, formula and the requested items of
• Lice shampoo
• Clotrimzole cream
• Diaper rash cream
• Multivitamin drops for infants


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